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Hi!I'm Lightstar also known as Odalis but I prefer Lightstar best. So after a long time of wanting to make a blog where I review books and just focuses on reading I did it. And I hope this will be a big thing for me because I LOVE books, I get lost in them and maybe this can encourage non readers to read and experience what I do when I open a book.... . So thanks for maybe just randomly coming to my blog and hopefully you like it so much that you'll follow me but thanks either way!!

The result of yesterday’s shopping trip. (Don’t judge me, there was a book sale.)

Harry Potter Items Poster | Available in Redbubble and Society6 
I felt really nostalgic doing this poster, but it was a lot of fun! If you want to see my previous posters like this, check here:
Supernatural | WTNV | Sherlock

(by antonarx)

Women like me do not fall gracefully,
we stumble over our spines, trip over
our vowels, and collapse into your arms.

Our hearts are open books,
Russian novels containing fifty pages
on the way your voice drifts across
the telephone wires each night.
Our hearts are first drafts,
unedited verses about each and every
person we have ever loved: the stranger
on the subway, the girl who gave us a balloon,
the boy who stole our virginity
but not our heart.

Women like me will love you from a distance
of a thousand syllables while laying in your bed,
we will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible,
and when we leave you will finally understand
why storms are named after people.

Katrina, M.K. (via synthetic-synaesthesia)

I decided on a whim to jump on the whole color coding wagon
I’ll probably reorganize in like a week but this is nice for now
And yes, some of my books are falling apart well-loved 

March Book Photo Challenge - Day 6: Someone Reading
Conscience does make cowards of us all
—Hamlet (via paperinfinities)

by competitive